“BasketTrack™ was an easy decision for us, because the introduction of POPS™ was followed quickly by an increase in the loss of hand-baskets. BasketTrack uses some of the same network components as POPS so the investment in BasketTrack leveraged our existing investment in POPS."
shrink reduction manager, uk retaileR, Carttronics Customer


benefits and beneficiaries of BasketTrack
Loss Prevention
  • Immediate reduction in shoplifting/ORC
  • Actionable data and video for LP follow up
  • Substantial time savings in researching store video
  • Drives shoplifters & ORC away
Store Operations Frees valuable time for customer service
  • Converts some thefts into sales and profits
  • Reduces shrink, improves operating margins
Risk Management
  • Creates safer store environment


Carttronics’ BT™ or BasketTrack™ protects against shoplifting via hand-baskets, and the loss of hand-baskets, further reducing shrink and boosting profits.

Carttronics’ BT system records and captures video when anyone exits the store with a hand-basket. The system simultaneously activates a warning light and alarm at the exit to notify the perpetrator and store personnel of the event. The event record and video are transmitted to Carttronics’ StorePort for followup by loss prevention personnel.

BasketTrack positively identifies repeat offenders and ORC and serves to reduce the incidence of shoplifting and ORC and, either alone or in tandem with POPS, acts as a powerful deterrent to permanently reduce the level of shrink and loss.

BasketTrack consists of a miniaturized active RF sensor on each hand-basket, electronic sentries and IP cameras at each door, along with Carttronics web integrator and internet connectivity. The system operates safely and seamlessly, in either active or passive mode to provide actionable intelligence for loss prevention follow up.

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