“Whilst no retention system is 100% effective, this particular one was installed into our highest loss store pre-Christmas, and losses have been reduced by fantastic 94.0%, saving £100k for this one site per annum alone.”
Carttronics' Customer, a major u.k.-based grocery chain


benefits and beneficiaries of CAPS
Loss Prevention
  • Reduced cart loss
  • Lower maintenance expense
  • Reduced cart purchases
  • Cleaner carts in better repair available for customer use
  • Improved customer experience and community relations


CAPS is the preferred, customer-friendly cart retention solution with the lowest lifetime cost.

Carttronics CAPS® is a highly effective cart and trolley loss prevention solution with the lowest lifetime cost of ownership. CAPS is operating on thousands of store sites in dozens of countries around the world, including independents, regional chains and sites owned and operated by 15 of the top 20 global retail chains.

The CAPS system consists of a small gauge antenna wire located in a narrow saw-cut around the site perimeter, a small electronic signal transmitter located in a secure location in the store, and one Carttronics’ locking CAPS caster on each cart. When someone tries to leave the store property the CAPS caster automatically releases a durable yellow braking shell that rotates down to separate the wheel from the ground and stop the cart. The braking shell is readily reset by store personnel using Carttronics’ hand held reset controller, placing the cart back in service.


  • Highly effective, durable and visible braking shell that serves to stop the cart and protect the wheel from flat spots
  • Visible braking shell provide“notice” to customers and store personnel to minimize the risk of injury and liability and expedite recovery and return to service
  • Modular, maintainable hardware enables repair and reuse and the industry’s lowest lifetime cost of ownership
  • With internet connectivity, provides around-the-clock remote monitoring
  • Availability of parts and components to facilitate self maintenance or 3rd party managed preventative maintenance programs
  • Includes web-based maintenance and operations training programs and supporting management reports
  • Option to include automated battery voltage monitoring and other software services

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