Innovation: Our value add is to use our knowledge of advanced technologies to develop new ways to address retailers’ sources of loss and pain in ways that lead to sustainable, improved profitability. Our customers don’t need to know about M2M or Sensor Networks or any of the other technogies we employ. It’s our job to listen and understand, then apply our expertise to solve our retail partners’ issues.
History: Over the course of 14 years, Carttronics has grown from a few customers and several sites in California to thousands of sites in dozens of countries around the world. Our customers include hundreds of independents and regional chains, plus 15 of the top global retail chains.
Mission: Carttronics’ mission is to help our retailer partners improve profitability. We use advanced, proven technologies in new ways to attack and reduce problems and exploit new opportunities.
Philosophy: It matters who you partner with. Some companies go for the big sale, then disappear—only to reappear to sell you more. Carttronics’ business model is to deliver impactful solutions with the lowest lifetime cost. We sell replacement parts to facilitate both self-maintenance and 3rd party maintenance programs to extend the life and value of your investment. And we offer online training for maintenance and operational best practices.
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