Carttronics' POPS™ uses the latest in intelligent radio frequency technology to immediately stop push-out thieves. POPS is proven and major retailers are now deploying POPS in either active or passive mode, to curtail loss and increase profits.


benefits and beneficiaries of POPS
Loss Prevention
  • Immediate reduction in shoplifting/ORC
  • Actionable data & video for LP follow up
  • Substantial time savings in researching events on store video
  • Drives shoplifters & ORC away
Store Operations
  • Frees valuable time for customer service
  • Converts some thefts to sales and profits
  • Reduces shrink, improves operating margins
Risk Management
  • Creates safer store environment


Carttronics’ POPS can cut 50% or more of shoplifting and ORC losses.

Carttronics POPS™ is the leading solution to cart and trolley-based shoplifting and ORC. POPS operates automatically and seamlessly to stop shoplifting events safely, in real time, and quickly drives shoplifters and ORC away from your stores.

Carttronics POPS can be implemented as a stand-alone solution, or integrated in a suite of solutions to maximize the return on investment. The POPS system incorporates Carttronics RF-enabled locking caster, stationary network components, a local light and alarm, IP cameras, and internet connectivity. Whenever someone tries to exit the store without having first gone through a manned register lane, the POPS system safely, automatically, locks the cart to stop the theft event. The system also automatically records the event and saves the video clip for access via StorePort.


  • Flexible, scalable system accommodates self-scan and remote checkouts
  • IP Video Cameras
  • Able to operate in active or passive mode
  • Incorporates automated “safe mode” to ensure minimal impact on good customers
  • Incorporates timely, actionable event records and video for loss prevention follow up

“Safe mode,” one of the most important features of POPS, ensures that the POPS system does not inconvenience good customers. If a POPS device loses power, the intelligent RF network automatically puts the system in “safe mode” and simultaneously alerts Carttronics of the status of the network and individual components. Carttronics' customer service team troubleshoots and resolves any issues, while customers continue with their shopping and store personnel go about their normal duties.

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