Carttronics’ StorePort system delivers, monitors and manages Carttronics’ profit enhancing solutions.


benefits and beneficiaries of Storeport
Loss Prevention
  • Timely record of events & video for follow-up action
Risk Management
  • Safer store environment
Store Operations
  • Actionable intelligence to support improved resource management
Customer Service
  • Cleaner, safer environment
  • More resources available for service
  • Objective data to support improved resource allocation
  • Objective data to support maintenance execution
  • Lower capital & operations spending
  • Improved profitability


StorePort an integrated system of technologies that promote retail profitability.

Carttronics’ StorePort™ is an integrated system of advanced, proven technologies that operate seamlessly to deliver valuable solutions to help retail operators improve operating margins. As StorePort delivers Carttronics solutions, it also enables remote monitoring and management by Carttronics, as well as the collection and distribution of actionable business intelligence that further enhance retail profitability.

StorePort technologies include:

  • Active radio frequency (RF) in both fixed and mobile network components
  • RFID in both fixed and mobile elements
  • Proven, state-of-the art hardware and software systems
  • IP Video
  • Internet connectivity
  • M2M, machine to machine techonolgy

Carttronics’ solutions can be implemented singly or as an integrated suite, and include the following:

  • Push-out-Prevention for the prevention of cart/trolley based shoplifting and ORC
  • BasketTrack – to counter shoplifting via handbaskets, as well as the loss of handbaskets
  • Shopping cart and trolley loss prevention
  • Asset management and fleet optimization for carts, trolleys and other store/retail assets
  • Remote system status monitoring for customer service
  • Web-based , maintenance and operations training
  • Business intelligence via StorePort, including:

    • Systems controls, including software changes & upgrades over-the- air, power adjustments and on-off control
    • Automated battery voltage monitoring
    • Cart traffic flow, by hour/day and cart/trolley type

Carttronics StorePort is the market-leading solutions platform that is inherently scalable and “future-proof”. This means that current solutions can be enhanced and new solutions can be added to address new profit-oriented opportunities identified by Carttronics and our retailer partners.